Saturday, November 14, 2015

15 Facts About Tuesday!

What's up?
Today I have a fun post planned. I'm going to give you... 15 facts about Tuesday!

#1. I did not name Tuesday. Her original owners gave her her full name, Ruby Tuesday. I couldn't change it, because she was already registered under it. The obvious thing to call her would be Ruby, right? Well, yes. But I have a dog named Ruby, so it just seemed weird. After trying stuff like RT and just random nicknames, I finally settled on Tuesday. And that is why she ended up named after a day of the week! I'll refer to her as Ruby occasionally, but not often. And people around the barn that don't really know me well still call her Ruby. But that's okay. I just have my own little nickname for her, even though you could say her "barn name" is Ruby.

#2. Tuesday is 14.2 hands tall. That's about 4 feet 8 inches. She's not very big, but I'm not so tall either.

#3. She has the longest, prettiest tail. I love it so much! I'm not trying to brag, but a lot of horses tails are hard to keep nice, and Tuesday's is just soooo goergous! It's just one thing I really like about her. ;)

#4. Tuesday is 8 years old. I have no idea when her birthday is... I know that's bad, but I just never found out! I'm sure I could find it in her papers somewhere though...

#5. I have had her for about 5 months. It does not feel like it's been that long though! I got her late May, and gosh... Time flys!

#6. She loves to jump. You can just tell! I haven't jumped her yet, but my trainer has and Tuesday just... She loves jumping. I can't wait until we can jump together. ^-^

#7. Tuesday's breed is a quarter horse.

#8. Her favorite treat is carrots, I think. She seems to really like carrots, although honestly, she'll eat anything. I haven't tried a ton of different treats for her, but she likes apples, and the little oatmeal treat things...

#9. She makes a face when she eats a treat. She doesn't do this when she eats her hay or her grain, but when she eats treats she makes the most ridiculous face. I mean really... Look at this!

#10. She loves her neck to be brushed. Tuesday loves you to brush, scratch, and pet her all over her neck, especially where her mane starts.

#11. Tuesday doesn't care about whips. Honestly, it's a teensy bit annoying because you could hit her again and again with the crop and she just does not care. It takes a lot to get her attention.

#12. She is shoed. There's really no other reason then just that she's always had them... I don't know. She has shoes on all 4 hooves.

#13. Tuesday's original owners didn't do much with her. I think she was in a few little hunter-jumper shows, but not much. Apparently another girl had her, and she just didn't care about her... She liked
cheerleading and gave up her horse. THAT I will never, ever understand. I'm an awful rider, I can't really do much on her yet, but I wouldn't think for a second about selling Tuesday.

#14. Tuesday likes her ears brushed. I have a really soft small brush that she just adores getting on her ears.

#15. Wow, it's getting harder to think of facts! I guess I'll go with... Tuesday's trot is very nice to sit. It's really smooth, and it's one thing that encourages me to ride her. Sitting Lyric's trot is like getting put in a blender, it's so choppy compared to Tuesday's!

Oh! That was #15! I guess I'm finished! Well, guess that's all for today! Tomorrow I'm going to the barn to try some new halters on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited! One's a pretty leather halter that I'm excited for, and one is a simpler green. Would you like pictures of her trying them on? There's a small chance I'll ride tomorrow evening, but it's unlikely. Been really busy lately! Anyway, thanks a lot for reading this post. And please, spread the word of my blog to any other equestrians you know! I'm not looking for a huge number of followers, but I'm hoping for a few horse-loving readers! Please comment, maybe any unanswered questions you had about Tuesday? Which fact did you think was the most interesting? What would you like to see in my next post? Comment please!!


  1. Great post! She GAVE. UP. ON. HER. HORSE????!!??. No, no no no no. This won't do at all. How could she do that? Atleast Tuesday has a good owner :)

  2. Tuesday looks like such a fun horse!
    I've never even ridden a horse... sigh.... ;)
    I liked the last fact a lot! Very interesting. :)

    1. She is. She has quite a personality of her own! >-<
      I could never imagine my life if I'd never ridden.
      Thank you! :)

  3. I know right?! Yep. :) Tuesday gets lots more attention now!